Grow with Us

Are you looking to enter an environment where you can work at your own pace…?

Keep the commission you’ve earned? Do you wish to break free from the traditional realtor-brokerage relationship? If so, keep reading..

Our trailblazing concept of 100% agent commission has been a success since 2008. Oak Tree Real Estate does not take a percentage of their agents’ commissions, instead Oak Tree Real Estate is paid a flat fee for every closing. It is that simple. There are no quotas, no minimums, and agents work at their own pace. whether you have two or two hundred closings a year – we want to hire you.

Real estate professionals are ready for a change…are you?

Agents pay a small flat fee per transaction; never more than $450.

We attract seasoned professionals who have been in the game long enough to understand that their hard work should be rewarded with a full commission check.

Our flat fee structure applies to active Oak Tree Real Estate agents.

Build your brand as you would like

Reinvest in yourself

Keep what you earn

At the end of the year, you come out much, much further ahead in your annual earnings. Sound like something that piques your interest?

Join our team of real estate professionals and discover how far you can soar in your real estate career